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Hank Investigates this week about unpaid parking tickets. Ryan dug and found out that the city of Boston hasn’t been notifying certain state vehicles about their massive parking fines. After looking up several cars’ licenses plates Ryan told viewers how much money they owed in parking fines. One car owned more than $15,000. Ryan interviewed the Commissioner of the Boston Transportation Department who said that they don’t know who to send the bills to. Ryan saw one man in an army uniform get out of an illegally parked car with a government license plate. She went to speak to the army official who said that he was never notified about parking fines. Ryan dug deep about found a list showing not only federal but also state and law enforcement employees who parked illegally and were never even towed.  After doing the math, it added up to more than a million dollars in parking fines. Agencies that Ryan contacted said the individual driver is responsible for paying the parking tickets. After Ryan’s interview with the Commissioner he said that it is now on their screen and that they are going to fix it. Thanks to Ryan, Boston city officials are making sure that money owed is now being collected.    

An investigative piece that I know Ryan was excited about for when I interviewed her last week she told me that she had a really great package about to air. Indeed this investigation was a good one since there was an act of unfairness taking place as city officials got away with not paying fines and Ryan exploited them. A regular citizen doesn’t get away with not paying fines and usually their car get towed right away tacking on another $100 to their parking ticket. Meanwhile, people with the government plates are getting away with parking anywhere for free. It’s definitely unfair that certain people don’t get slammed with a bill. Ryan did have to put some extra elbow grease into this investigation since she had to go all around the city to find actual government cars that were illegally parked and then look into their ticket records. Ryan had good interviewees, the Commissioner of Transportation and an army officer who got to tell his side of the story. The outcome of this report was great as officials are now making sure no one gets away with not paying fines. This week I did not look to see what Channel 5 News investigated since when I interviewed Ryan she said that she doesn’t pay attention to their stories and mainly just spends her time concentrating on her own pieces. So for that reason this blog shouldn’t waste its time on talking about another Channel. More on my interview with Ryan will take place next blog post. Meanwhile, this week’s investigation made a huge difference and will go down in Ryan’s collection of effective investigation reports.


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