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It’s a life saving investigation. One that involves the lives of children. On October 20th Hank Ryan’s investigative report aired about bus recalls. It was an alarming investigation as Ryan found out that a bus company called TCI hasn’t been sending out recall notices to school districts like Attleboro. The US Department of Transportation demanded TCI to appear in a public hearing to see if they met 15 recall requirements. To aviod a hearing the bus company made a settlement and paid the feds $20,000. They also sent recall notices to 6,000 buses and even paid for their repairs. In this report Ryan interviewed a slew of people including the Super-attendant of Haverhill Public Schools, who was upset since he knew nothing about the bus recalls due to no notices. Also Ryan interviewed an upset parent of the school and Ryan managed to dig deep by looking into TCI’s recall documents. As Ryan brought light to this major bus problem, some busses were taken off the road for repairs and she could have even prevented a major accident from happening. Children will have a safer ride to school now that TCI is under the watchful eye of Ryan.

An investigation piece that affects a lot of people. One thing that I noticed about Ryan’s reports is that they all relate to the greater public. It’s not just a small group of people who are benefiting from Ryan’s reports. Yet, she chooses a huge issue that affects the majority of people. There are tons of parents and children within our community that Ryan knows will be interested in hearing the findings of this bus recall report. After looking briefly at other channels reports, no one reported on TCI’s problem of not sending out recall notices. did write an article on this exact problem and Channel 7 was the only one who investigated and aired this story on t.v. The article from theBoston Globe came out on October 19th while Ryan’s aired the 20th. I wonder if this was a collaborative report. News that relates to the majority and news that only Ryan investigates: this is why Ryan stands in her field. I wonder if Ryan has looked into other bus companies besides TCI.   

The Boston Globe’s Article:

Hank Ryan’s Report:


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