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  Investigative reporting. It’s what journalist were born to do. I saw an ad for Hank Phillippi  Ryan’s report and behind the flashy headlines and her serious strut down to the end of the camera, I saw news that matters. Her investigative reports have won her a handful of prestigious awards and most important, have helped better the community. So there was no doubt in my mind that she was going to be the reporter that I follow for seven weeks for a blogging assignment in my journalism 101 class. A broadcast journalism major at Emerson College, I am drawn to investigative reporting. Since 1872 Ryan has been with Boston’s Channel 7 News and now she has segments a couple times a week in which she investigates the wrong doings within the Boston community.

Hopefully, by writing these blog postings on Ryan’s reports my readers will have a better understand of investigative journalism. I want my readers to know why it is so important for newspapers and news shows to have investigative journalist part of their staff. I also hope that readers will get involved with investigative reports by telling an investigative reporter when they witness something that is unfair. Ryan isn’t the only investigative reporter in the Boston area and we should be very thankful that Boston is actually covered in reporters committed to the common good. Sharing the spot light on channel 7 News is Jonathan Hall who is also an investigative journalist. Outside of channel 7 News there is a whole team of investigative reporters on channel 5 News Boston. At that station they have a bit of a larger team with respected names like Janet Wo, Susan Wornick and a few other reporters. Each have a beat like politics, consumer corruption and  other popular topics. Ryan takes on consumer edge and a vast range of investigation beats. A little different than channel 5 News, with a smaller investigative staff and flashier reports, channel 7 News offers some verity and new traditions. 

Ryan’s recent investigation called “Driven to Anger” a report about commuters paying their parking at Quincy’s MBTA parking lot and then getting slammed with a parking ticket. A report in which Ryan sets up nicely bringing us into a life of a commuter  who puts their three dollars in a slot assigned to their parking number. Then when they come back off the fairy an orange ticket is left stuffed under the windshield wiper. An array of interviews and paper records that Ryan digs to get, really adds to this report. From going to LAZ, the company in charge of the parking lot and to interviewing commuters to getting the actually copies of their filed complaints, Ryan covers all angles in this story. These angles, this effort are the things that will call for change in these commuter’s futures.

After scrolling through channel 5 News investigations, their stories seem to investigate politics and are sparkled with only a few stories that directly involve the people and their problems. Nothing wrong with political investigations and channel 5 News does have more investigative stories that are aired every day. I think, was there a reason behind me choosing channel 7 News and to follow one of their investigators? Channel 5 News does have more reporters and a lot more investigation reports airing. But to me, investigative reporting is investigative reporting, meaning no matter what station it’s coming from, who has the flashier titles, the larger team, the reports are still about going out into the community and contributing to public good….and to me thats all that matters. So here is goes…a plunge into the investigative reporting world with Hank Phillippi Ryan…stay tuned and stay posted.


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